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The Headband Which Will Make Tyler Look Like a Renaissance Painting

At least, that's what I'm going for!
Jennifer Behr Mathilda Headband, $275, available here.

Jennifer Behr Mathilda Headband, $275, available here.

A fun fact about me is that I am a total, capital-N history Nerd. I was a history major in undergrad, and there was a time I thought I would pursue a PhD and become a professor of medieval studies. It turns out, though, that I hate grad school, a lesson I learned the hard and expensive way.

Ruined future of studying, researching and writing aside, I still love all things historical, especially stuff from the medieval and renaissance periods. Take me to any museum and one of the first places I want to go is to look at all the medieval religious art, with its piled-on gilding and wacky sense of proportion. I love it! And I'm drawn to pearl accessories, as they remind me of the elegant ladies of renaissance art. Basically, when I'm not trying to look like Blair Waldorf, I'm trying to look like an extra on "The Tudors" (yes I know that's Early Modern period!!!) or "Reign" — and frankly, that's already a fine line to begin with.

As far as I'm concerned, Jennifer Behr is the undisputed queen of hair accessories, so leave it to her to whip up this absolutely perfect gem of a headband that captures the feel of those artworks. Rendered in black velvet, it features a line of carefully spaced out pearls running down the center. When I tell you I went mad for it! I'm simply obsessed. 

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Jennifer Behr Mathilda Headband, $275, available here.

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