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Post-Burglary, Kyle Richards's Hermès Bag Collection Will Never Be the Same

She really misses the hot-pink Kelly bag she bought with Kris Jenner.
Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick at Rebag Melrose Place. Photo: BFA

Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick at Rebag Melrose Place. Photo: BFA

I'm a little disappointed that it took more than a year and a half of living in Los Angeles for me to meet a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills (of which we've interviewed several for this site), but, finally, a luxury handbag store opening brought Kyle Richards and me together.

Rebag, which buys and sells used luxury handbags both online and in its stores — of which it simultaneously opened two in Los Angeles on Thursday — naturally tapped the reality star and known luxury handbag aficionado to host the grand opening party. This is the housewife who, for instance, bought a Birkin to "recover" from last season's reunion taping. In a way, though, Richards agreeing to take part in the event was a brave act as the store's floor-to-ceiling wall of Birkin and Kelly bags alone could have been triggering; late last year, Richards's home was burglarized, devastating her massive collection.

"They stole all my handbags," she said. "I'm never going to have the collection that I had because I'm also scared after what happened. You think about robbery, you think jewelry, but when I found out all my bags were taken I was so shocked."

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Richards with a friend. Photo: BFA

Richards with a friend. Photo: BFA

Her most disappointing loss? A hot pink 28cm Kelly, which may have had sentimental value based on where and with whom she purchased it: "I had just bought it in Cannes with Kris Jenner. We woke up in the morning and went to Hermès," she explained. "And I was so excited about it; it was electric pink and they stole that, Kris was like, 'Don't worry, we're gonna find another one!' She found it, too, she found it in Paris."

"By the way, don't think I didn't look for it here!" she joked. "No, none of mine are here." After a disclaimer that she "wasn't just saying this" because of her hosting duties, Richards said, "I love so much this idea [of a reseller like Rebag] because, for me, replacing something I already had is so annoying. You don't want to spend that money twice, so I can buy one of these that looks brand new and I don't have to feel as guilty."

She's picked up new bags here and there, but doesn't think she'll rebuild her entire collection. Her most unique and rare purchase is "green ostrich Birkin" that she acquired thanks to her "relationship with people at Hermès." But her most prized handbag possession is the rare black 25cm Kelly she luckily had with her during the burglary. "It's the most valuable," she said.

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