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The Highly Impractical Netted Outerwear on Whitney's Wish List

This is not seasonally appropriate, and I don't care.
Lily Forbes Sport Net Robe, $328, available here.

Lily Forbes Sport Net Robe, $328, available here.

There is snow on the ground outside as I type this from the Midwest. If I let the weather dictate my shopping aspirations, as I probably should, I would be thinking about buying a decently warm hat, which is something I somehow still don't own, or another wool sweater, or gloves to replace my favorite pair that went missing last year. But instead, I'm sitting bundled up and dreaming about this funky, not-very-practical-for-this-time-of-year robe by emerging designer Lily Forbes

Detroit-based Forbes has all of her handwoven, naturally-dyed pieces made at a Fair Trade-certified facility in Delhi, India, making her pieces ethical from both a human rights and environmental perspective. As someone who loves sustainability but can get a little bored with the dominant minimalist aesthetic in the space, I find Forbes's cool art-kid look a welcome departure from the norm. Does that make this robe particularly suited to the climate I currently find myself in? Nah. But it does mean that this piece is moving to the top of my wish list, ASAP. And hey, maybe with enough layers underneath, I wouldn't even need to wait until spring to wear it.

Lily Forbes Sport Net Robe, $328, available here.

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