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The Skirt That Convinced Tyler She Could Actually Wear Corduroy

Begone, bad middle school memories!
Madewell Corduroy A-Line Mini Skirt, $79.50, available here.

Madewell Corduroy A-Line Mini Skirt, $79.50, available here.

I could be mistaken, but the last time I attempted to wear corduroy was probably circa seventh grade, when I was working my way out of a "hippie" phase (don't ask) and I still wasn't aware what "style rules" were. (Shout-out to the girl who made fun of my black belt and brown shoes, thus rendering me unable to ever mix brown and black again. Middle school was a great time for us all!)

Then I became self-conscious about things that were "trendy" and "flattering to my body," whatever the eff those things mean. This was when American Eagle and Abercrombie were selling boot-cut corduroy pants and felt-covered, Birkenstock-style mules, and I might have made a passing effort at pulling this look off — with a graphic tee, natch — and never quite got there. So I left corduroy firmly behind the door that says, "You May Never, Ever Wear These Things Again."

But corduroy is back! And it's a great casual replacement for denim. Still, I found myself intimidated by the concept of corduroy pants, which were too close for comfort to the unflattering styles of my youth. I'll always wear just about any skirt you can find, though, which is why I decided this corduroy skirt from Madewell was the perfect way for me to dip my toes into the delightful peaks and valleys of corduroy's wales. It's been a delightful fall companion, taking me from tees and sneakers with a leather jacket to tights and boots with a heavy sweater no problem. The fabric feels slightly vintage, but isn't a full-blown ode to the '70s, which suits my aesthetic just perfectly.

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I think most things I left behind in middle school should probably stay there — no disrespect to the crochet poncho I adored so much — but I'm happy I gave this trend a second try. 

Madewell Corduroy A-Line Mini Skirt, $79.50, available here.

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