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The Diamond Hoops Convincing Maura to Change Her Earrings for the First Time in 6 Years

It's been a long time coming.
Mejuri Diamond Line Hoops, $335, available here.

Mejuri Diamond Line Hoops, $335, available here.

When I first moved to New York, I put a sizable chunk of my not-so-sizable disposable income toward building out my ear piercings. I was rocking a solid three holes then (one in each of my lobes, along with a tiny cartilage piercing leftover from high school), but suddenly, all I wanted to do was fill up my ears with dainty posts and hoops. Once I was content enough with the amount of piercings I had procured, I essentially stopped getting them altogether. I haven't changed out any of my earrings since, mostly out of sheer laziness. 

But recently, I've been getting that inkling to switch them up again — and more specifically, to swap those original ear lobe studs for pretty, slender diamond hoops. While I don't shop for earrings, I do other categories of jewelry, and Mejuri and its ethically sourced diamonds is an all-time favorite. 

These 14-karat solid gold hoops are just slight enough to wear throughout the day, but also noticeable enough to stand out against my other piercings. Mejuri is also committed to transparent pricing and fair retail, meaning that they work directly with their manufacturers and thus drastically cut down their price. (The brand estimates that these would retail for $1,172 at more traditional, big-box jewelry brands, 71 percent more than what they go for at Mejuri.) I think eagle-eyed-and-brand-new-to-New-York Maura would approve.

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Mejuri Diamond Line Hoops, $335, available here.

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