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14 Nail Polish and Ring Combinations That Were Practically Made for Each Other

Or MFEO for those "Sleepless in Seattle" fans out there.
Photo: Courtesy of J. Hannah

Photo: Courtesy of J. Hannah

A pretty manicure is nice. But you know what makes it even nicer? If it complements your jewelry just so. Sure, that signet ring on your pinky is chic as hell, but pair it with a beautiful creamy taupe nail polish with just the right hint of iridescence, and your hands will be the stuff of Instagram-grid dreams.

So what makes for the perfect ring and nail color combo? "I think it's a matter of personal choice," says Jess Revesz, the founder of and designer behind J. Hannah, a Los Angeles-based jewelry brand that also makes its own line of tightly curated, distinctive nail polish. "I find as soon as I decide on a style rule, someone breaks it and proves me wrong, which is great." Revesz often pairs her jewelry with nail polish shades that mimic the tones — think a warm, pearly nail color with a gold signet ring — but she's also in favor of intentional clashing. "Contrasting is always more fun and creative and has so many possibilities," she adds.

In the gallery below, we rounded up 14 nail polish shades we're loving — and the rings that complement them perfectly. They're practically made for each other. Or, if you're a "Sleepless in Seattle" fan, MFEO.

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