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Get in the Holiday Spirit With These Spectacular New York City Department Store Windows

See the best displays of seasonal splendor here.
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One of Tiffany and Co.'s holiday windows. Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany and Co. 

One of Tiffany and Co.'s holiday windows. Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany and Co. 

Fifth Ave. is a famously packed tourist trap lined with designer boutiques and department stores. It's also prime spot for people-watching and window shopping. But during the holidays, it transforms into a wintry wonderland filled with exceptional window art. Every department store, from Barneys to Bergdorfs, partakes in the tradition of swapping out their standard designer window displays for dazzling glass-encased holiday-inspired spectacles. 

We understand that not everyone can make the trip to the Big Apple or wants to spend an evening trying to move past the masses of bundled people trying to snap pictures of diamond-encrusted angels, but that shouldn't stop you from reaping the mood-boosting benefits of these glittering presentations. So to make sure you can take in all the displays of seasonal splendor from the comfort of your home, we've rounded up the city's most notable holiday windows below — they're not to be missed. Happy holidays! 

Barneys New York 

Barneys New York partnered with the global humanitarian organization Save the Children on its window displays and 2018 holiday campaign "Make Change." The campaign is driven by the message that even small change can have a big impact — all starting with a coin. Therefore, the window displays feature the messages "Make Change" and "Change Matters" set against a wall of pennies, which will eventually be donated. "Giving back has always been an important part of the Barneys New York DNA, and education is one of the pillars of our Barneys New York Foundation," said EVP, Communications and Marketing Tomm Miller in an official press statement. "This holiday season, we are so proud that 'Make Change' brings the spirit of change to everything from our window displays to our social media, supporting Save the Children's vital work with children across the country."

Bergdorf Goodman

This holiday season, Bergdorf Goodman's windows are a literal feast for the eyes. Titled "Bergdorf Goodies," the glass displays are comprised of gilded treats, luscious sweets and all sorts of sugary inventions. "This year our artistic team became faux-pastry chefs, dishing up a wall-to-wall profusion of sculpted confections," said David Hoey, the senior director of visual presentation, in an official press statement. "Everything candied, iced and lavish." In addition to the delectable windows, the department store will also serve up some special treats inside: The Flour Shop will open a pop-up on the fifth floor and offer a unique Bergdorf Goodman-inspired cake. Plus, you can enjoy an exclusive Ladurée macaroon created in collaboration with Linda Fargo on the second floor. 

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The Bloomingdale's windows tell the story of how Dr. Seuss' storied green sourpuss stole Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl's generous holiday spirit. Inspired by the new animated film, "The Grinch," the flagship windows illustrate the character's journey from holiday hater to merry maker. The windows start by setting the scene of the grinch's solitary life inside a cave rigged with his inventions and accompanied by his loyal dog Max. As the story unfolds along Lexington Ave., onlookers are transported to the cheerful town of Whoville, where interactive elements and visually stunning displays immerse them in the spirit of the holidays and the redemptive power of kindness.

Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel's Fifth Ave. windows give new nods to its iconic personalized presents and classics accessories. The store's longtime fashion illustrator Izak Zenou created a Bendel-scape: a multidimensional, brown-and-white New York skyline, paying tribute to the city where it all began. Inside, guests will find a 20-foot tree surrounded by over 400 brown and white gift boxes and topped with a red neon heart designed by Zenou. In addition, Brooklyn-based artist Shinji Murkami designed several freestanding heart lamps to be featured throughout store. 

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's Fifth Ave. windows showcase trees from around the world decorated with dazzling ornaments. The French fashion house gave festive updates to the Joshua Tree, Bonsai, the Cacti and Palm Tree in the form of ornaments that playfully portray holiday season celebrations from around the world. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue's holiday windows tell the visual story of a shopper's visit to the theater, where she dreams of its iconic flagship. The six windows lining Fifth Avenue each depict a different scene from the shopper's dream by integrating real-life props with digital screens; this is the first time in the retailer's 94-year history that it's used a digital storytelling animation concept. The vignettes include the shopper indulging in a number of the store's luxurious offerings and services: She's seen paying a visit to the private dressing suite at the Saks Fifth Avenue Club visit and getting pampered on the beauty floor.  

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.'s windows pay homage to the company's former Artistic Director Gene Moore, who spent more than half a century turning the store's displays into head-turning attractions. At the heart of this year's theme is Tiffany's holiday hero — a chrome articulated drawing figure first seen in Moore's windows from the '60s. The iconic jewelry retailer reimagined this figure in whimsical holiday scenes. In one scene, a Tiffany blue stereo player fills the space and a white porcelain mouse, in contrasting scale, appears to be listening to a holiday mixtape on tiny headphones. In another, the holiday hero puts the finishing touches on a robot made of Tiffany blue boxes. 

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