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An Exorbitantly Expensive Barrette That Would Make Maura's Hair Look Exorbitantly Pretty

In my humble opinion.
Saskia Diez Paillettes Silver-Plated Hair Slide, $120, available here.

Saskia Diez Paillettes Silver-Plated Hair Slide, $120, available here.

Maybe it's because I just spent nearly two weeks in Paris with (and also subsequently became embarrassingly codependent on) known hair-accessory-haver Tyler, but I can't stop thinking about pretty little hair barrettes. What's that about, huh? I'm actually, and not rhetorically, asking because while I do have a lot of hair (or so says my hairstylist), it's very fine, very straight and very slippery. It's not exactly the most hospitable environment for pretty little hair barrettes to survive, yet alone thrive. Alas. Here I am, hoping to stumble upon an exception to that rule. 

Will this $120 silver-plated "slide" be the answer to my most pressing hair query? I'm at least optimistic that it isn't a clip-on, which means it won't immediately fall out of my hair like it's on a damn vertical rollercoaster drop. It's also just girlish enough for my taste, and I love that it would add a delicate touch to edgier graphic tees or punchy sweaters.

Second question: Will I spent $120 on it? Noooooooooooooooope! (No offense.) Is it at least nice to include in my Fall/Winter 2019 visual moodboard? Oh, hell yeah.

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Saskia Diez Paillettes Silver-Plated Hair Slide, $120, available here.

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