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19 Pieces of Onyx Jewelry With Which to Tastefully Express Your Inner Goth

Or, just some pretty black jewelry that goes with everything.
Sophie Buhai onyx abacus earrings, $675, available here.

Sophie Buhai onyx abacus earrings, $675, available here.

Onyx is one of the most versatile stones used by jewelry makers — and not only because black goes with everything. The material can represent a number of different things to different people. Some wear it for mourning, while others use it for strength and self-protection; it's a birth stone for July or December, depending on which calendar you follow, and astrologers assigned it to Leos and Capricorns; others may use it as a simple fashion statement, whether they identify as "goth" or want to imbue a little hint of emo into their aesthetic.

Despite not having the iridescent quality of an opal or the shimmer of a diamond, shiny onyx can look just as precious, whether on a pair of statement earrings or set in an elegant signet ring. It can also be fairly affordable.

Click through the gallery below for 19 beautiful pieces of onyx jewelry to express whatever it is you want to express.

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