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16 Classic Gold Coin Necklaces to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

They're the perfect addition to your layered necklace lineup.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

It's been said before (on this site, no less), but there's just something artful about the very specific way Cool Fashion People layer necklaces. Finding the right combination of lengths, stones and metals is a skill worthy of being on one's LinkedIn profile, and one piece that we highly recommend adding into the mix is a classic gold coin necklace.

Since coins have been around since capitalism's nascent days, people have worn them to signify that they could buy five cows or 5,000 cows or however many cows people buy at a time. Although gold has gone out of style in terms of daily currency, now gold coins can make a fun addition to your diamonds, rhinestones and various-length chains.

Click through the gallery to shop 16 of our favorites, from coins befitting an ancient Roman market to ones that subtly tell the world that yes, you're a Scorpio, and no, you're not like that. Happy shopping!

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