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Tyra Banks Is Taking Her 'Life-Size' Comeback Very Seriously

The proof? This outfit she wore to the premiere of "Life-Size 2."
Tyra Banks at the premiere of 'Life-Size 2.' Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Tyra Banks at the premiere of 'Life-Size 2.' Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

I'll confess, I have never seen "Life-Size" (you can yell at me later), but here is what I know about the film: First released in 2000 for ABC, it stars supermodel and "America's Next Top Model" host Tyra Banks and a young, pre-scandal Lindsay Lohan, who uses magic to bring her Eve doll to life (enter: Banks). I'm also a big fan of this GIF:

Anyway, there was much rejoicing when it was announced (all the way back in 2012! Simpler times.) that Banks would return for a sequel to "Life-Size" — dubbed, appropriately, "Life-Size 2" — a mere 18 years later. That brings us to Tuesday night, when Banks arrived for her big moment at the "Life-Size 2" premiere in an Eve-ready outfit. Like Barbie, Eve has a preference for pink, and Banks pulled out all the bubblegum stops for the evening.

She started with a hot pink minidress (with sleeves, because it is November, after all), which has an added jazzy element of a fuller, longer skirt that splits to reveal a neon-pink silk lining. Talk about magic! But why stop there? Banks added a pair of thigh-high, pointed-toe boots in a matching neon pink shade of velvet. Oh, did you think the inventor of the smize doesn't know how to play with color and texture? Think again

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Banks finished the look with hot pink tassel earrings, which are doll-perfect accessories, and a half-up high pony. Ariana Grande whomst?!

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