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Maria Can't Stop Wearing These Not-So-Wide Leg Jeans

They're from a new brand called ASKK NY.
ASKK NY Slim Wide Leg Jean in Black Resin, $165, available here.

ASKK NY Slim Wide Leg Jean in Black Resin, $165, available here.

Okay, so, remember when, almost exactly one year ago, I wanted to try this pair of big, baggy jeans? You probably don't, but that's totally fine. Turns out I did try them on and they did not look good. As much as I loved the wide silhouette and long length, I was swimming in these jeans — even after alterations. Perhaps my short height just couldn't pull them off. Oh well. Onward and upward.

Fast-forward almost a year later, and I found myself a pair of wide, but not-so-wide pair of jeans from ASKK NY, a newly launched brand from two alums who hail from Rag & Bone and J Brand, which means they know their stuff when it comes to all things denim.

The jeans have enough of a wide flare to distinguish themselves from the vintage Levi's that I have stocked in my drawer, as well as my favorite pair of cropped culottes. And while the photo above shows that the jeans hit just above the model's ankles, my small stature makes the pair that I own land just above the floor — the perfect amount of length, if I do say so myself. Plus, they're made from a cotton-blend Japanese denim, so they're sturdy with a good amount of weight and a slight hint of stretch. 

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They're so comfortable, in fact, that I can't seem to stop wearing them. And the black resin wash makes them super versatile, too, which has proven to be especially handy now that my schedule has been a crazy mix of somewhat-dressy holiday events and casual days at the office. 

Right now, I love wearing these jeans with a chunky, oversize sweater and a pair of boots. Come spring and summer, I'll swap my look for loose T-shirts and slip-on sandals. At this rate, perhaps I should invest in a second pair?

ASKK NY Slim Wide Leg Jean in Black Resin, $165, available here.

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