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11 Moisturizing Masks to Rescue Chapped, Flaky Lips

What to use when even your best balms don't cut it.
Photo: Vijat Mohindra/Courtesy of KNC Beauty

Photo: Vijat Mohindra/Courtesy of KNC Beauty

Chapped lips are as much a part of winter as hot chocolate and cozy sweaters, but unlike the latter two things, they're not exactly welcome. You can thank the combination of thin skin on your lips and moisture-sucking cold, dry air (not to mention wind gusts) for the flake fest on your mouth. For smooth, soft and supple lips, lip balm can help, yes — but you're also going to want to call in the big guns: lip masks

"Lip masks, like face masks, offer high levels of active ingredients to help enhance your everyday skincare routine," says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai in New York City. "While lip balms can be used daily, masks can give an extra boost before an important event or if your lips need help more during cold months."

Lip masks come in all shapes and forms, from jars filled with pink, jelly-like cream to hydrogel sheets, and many offer benefits beyond hydration, like plumping and even exfoliation. Most can be used as both overnight treatments and throughout the day when you're feeling especially dry. Swipe through the gallery below to find the lip mask that's right for you.

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