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The 32 Most Memorable Magazine Covers of 2018

It was a banner year for diversity on the newsstands, as well as for the new generation of supermodels like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber.
British Vogue, September 2018. Photo: Nick Knight for British Vogue

British Vogue, September 2018. Photo: Nick Knight for British Vogue

It’s been a long 12 months, and before we kick 2018 to the curb, we're looking back at all of the most memorable, game-changing fashion and beauty things that went down. Follow along with us as we look back at the year in review.

If we were to compile both "pros" and "cons" lists regarding 2018 — in the fashion space and beyond — the former would likely be much shorter than the latter. However, something that significantly improved within the industry this year was the diversity and inclusivity we saw in the casting of models and talent, and this was reflected on newsstands all over the globe.

While reflecting on our favorite magazine covers from over the past 12 months, we found that the vast majority of them featured women of color; in 2018, Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross, Serena Williams, Zoë Kravitz, Lupita Nyong'o and Naomi Campbell were popular choices, each fronting a handful of memorable glossies. Following the positive progress made in 2017, age inclusivity was noticeably embraced — Campbell, Iman, Cindy Crawford and Oprah among our top cover stars of the year — as was representation of different body sizes and shapes, with Paloma Elsesser, Ashley Graham and a (very) pregnant Slick Woods making our list. Of course, the industry still has a long way to go, particularly when it comes to Asian representation in fashion, though Allure's groundbreaking June hair issue featured a trio of Asian models: Fei Fei Sun, Fernanda Ly and Soo Joo Park.

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Though the casting of Instagram-famous models with followings in the tens of millions has been par for the magazine cover course for a few years now, 2018 was particularly good for the next generation of supers: Bella Hadid, who also dominated newsstands in 2017 with her sister, Gigi, appeared across a staggering number of stunning covers, ranging from Vogue Arabia to Pop. Teen sensation Kaia Gerber continued following in her mother Crawford's footsteps with not one, but two, Vogue Paris covers, solo shoots for both Vogue Italia and Vogue Japan and a cool black-and-white feature for the summer issue of i-D

In the spirit of the season, we've chosen our 32 favorite covers from 2018 and compiled them in the gallery below. Yes, this year was a challenging one for the publishing world, but with imagery this strong and new, diverse talents on the rise, we're hopeful for better days ahead.

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