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Maura Wants This Black Padded Headband Because of a British Instagram Influencer

It happened to me: I hath been influenced.
Cos Padded Nubuck Leather Headband, $49, available here.

Cos Padded Nubuck Leather Headband, $49, available here.

The other day, not sure which because time is a flat circle and it now gets dark at roughly 2:30 p.m., I was bopping around Instagram when a 'fit pic stopped me dead in my tracks:

Obviously, there are a lot of excellent aspects to this look. The jeans are the perfect wash; the trench is the perfect crisp-ness; the silver-accented belt and boot are the perfect complements to each other. What really got me, though, was the headband: what a delightful, prim, old-school ladylike touch to an otherwise classic outfit! I loved it immediately, and — shout-out to British influencer and erstwhile blogger Brittany Bathgate, whom I follow (@brittanybathgate) — I was able to track it down immediately. It's from Cos, it costs $49 and it's made of velvety nubuck leather. Specifics aside, I also want it profoundly, need it enormously, and because of those two emotions, I'll most likely be buying it at some point in the coming days. I guess I can say it happened to me: I've been influenced, and you know what? It feels pretty damn good. Thank you, @brittanybathgate. 

Cos Padded Nubuck Leather Headband, $49, available here.

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