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This Ice Roller Is Dhani's New Favorite Thing

Not sure it's doing much to my skin, but it feels great.
Esarora Ice Roller, $14.99, available here.

Esarora Ice Roller, $14.99, available here.

Despite their ubiquity in my Instagram feed, I've somehow still not succumbed to the peer pressure to get a jade roller. I did, however, decide recently to buy an ice roller for $15 on Amazon. I couldn't wrap my head around how a room-temperature roller could do anything to my face, but something you put in the freezer? Must be effective!

I was looking for something to cure my often-massive under-eye bags and was sold by the glowing reviews and multitude of supposed benefits of this particular model. In addition to reducing puffiness, it allegedly shrinks pores, cures migraines, prevents wrinkles and relieves fatigue.

The visual results aren't dramatic, but they are there: It seems to "wake up" my face a bit, if that makes sense, and in addition to reducing puffiness, it shrinks zits slightly when I have them, tamping down redness a little. It also definitely provides a little relief from headaches — and the sensation is especially great great if I'm hungover.

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Basically, it feels nice and it's easy (and kinda fun) to use, and if it happens to reduce pore size and wrinkles over time, too? Ice-ing on the cake.

Esarora Ice Roller, $14.99, available here.

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