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These Are the Basic Black Tights Tyler Recommends to Everyone

They're my winter wardrobe must-have.
Spanx Luxe Leg High-Rise 60 Denier Shaping Tights, $38, available here.

Spanx Luxe Leg High-Rise 60 Denier Shaping Tights, $38, available here.

I'm a big tights fan. It's my personal belief that there is no outfit that doesn't benefit from a jazzy patterned tight (though I have yet to find a way to pull off colored tights) and I maintain that the right pair of tights — either layered together or lined with fleece — is warmer than any pair of pants during the coldest winter days. This is a hill I will die on!

So as a noted tights enthusiast, let me refer you to my favorite, go-to pair of plain, black tights: Spanx Luxe Leg Shaping Tights

I know what you're thinking: But Tyler! I don't want shapewear in my tights! And I hear you, friend. I don't either! Let me first assuage your fears by telling you that, while there is shaping technology present, it's definitely not something you're going to notice if you're averse to feeling like you've been squeezed into sausage casing. The perhaps-unintended benefit of the shapewear here is that these tights won't stretch out or loosen up over time, leading to the dreaded sagging tight phenomenon. 

The main reason I like to recommend these tights is that these suckers will hold up to just about every thing you can throw at them. I've never — never, do you hear me! — had a pair of these snag or run. They have held up through multiple washes and even a few trips through the dryer (yes, I know this is bad! SO SUE ME!). Unlike so many other pairs of tights I have owned, they have survived multiple winters; in fact, the only reason I've ever trashed a pair is because the elastic started coming out in strands, likely because (I know, I know) I put them in the dryer. 

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These occupy the sweet spot between super-cheap tights that will only last you a handful of wears and slightly-too-expensive tights that inevitably leave you pissed off when they, too, only last a handful of wears. They come in various waist-heights and shades which means I can just about guarantee you that you'll find a pair suited for your needs. They make an excellent layering base for the aforementioned cold weather tip since they don't bunch or gather (and, once again, you really should try layering your tights).

I genuinely cannot think of a pair of tights I wear as often or that I recommend to friends more often — and trust me, I know tights.

Spanx Luxe Leg High-Rise 60 Denier Shaping Tights, $38, available here.

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