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The Natural, Rose-Scented Cuticle Oil That Will Get Steph Through Winter

It's like a fancy little spa trip for my fingertips.
Tenoverten The Rose Oil, $26, available here. Photo: Tenoverten

Tenoverten The Rose Oil, $26, available here. Photo: Tenoverten

I've made my penchant for being moisturized, head-to-toe and to a borderline insane degree, well known on this very site. And with all the body lotions, hand creams, lip balms, sheet masks, hyaluronic serums I use — and constantly talk about using (insert shrugging emoji girl here) — one category often gets overlooked: cuticle oil. But especially in the winter, with artifical-heat-filled, moisture-sapped air and inevitably excessive hand-washing, my cuticles get pretty haggard looking. So, when Tenoverten sent me a press mailing that included its new cuticle oil, an all-natural formula with a faint rose scent, I couldn't help but immediately pop it open and go to town on my fingertips.

And let me tell ya: I really love this stuff. The formula, which is a thick oil that coats cuticles without running all over the damn place, is a rose flower oil base, blended with jojoba, argan, pomegranate, sweet almond and hemp seed oils — all of which are intensely moisturizing and reparative to skin. It also contains vitamin E, a skin protectant, and horsetail extract, a nail strengthener. 

What makes the product really excellent, in my opinion, is its packaging: The long, slim tube has a narrow rollerball at the tip, which allows you to swipe the oil over cuticles in a tidy, targeted manner. Like with my other favorite cuticle oil, there's no messy droppers or brushes involved, so it's easy to quickly apply at my desk, or while on the subway or while sitting at home watching "The Office" for the fourth time. 

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Tenoverten The Rose Oil, $26, available here.

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