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These Clear-Frame Eyeglasses Make Maria Feel Much Better While Staring at a Screen

They help with digital eye strain.
Hepburn Clear/White with SightRelax Eyeglasses, $68.95, available here.

Hepburn Clear/White with SightRelax Eyeglasses, $68.95, available here.

Though I've spent the majority of my adult life planted behind a computer screen, it's only recently that I've been experiencing random headaches, dry eyes and back or shoulder pain. My eye doctor recommended I take breaks from a screen every 20 minutes or so, but sometimes the internet does not allow that type of lifestyle. One must always be Logged On when your job takes place online. So I looked for another solution — through some retail therapy — and purchased a pair of eyeglasses with blue-light-filter lenses.

I knew that I needed these glasses for a while, just when my symptoms of eye strain were slowly creeping up on me. But EyeBuyDirect's inventory is pretty stacked, so choosing the right style was slightly overwhelming. Finally, I landed on a pair with clear frames with a slightly oversized and polished silhouette. The lenses also feature the brand's new SightRelax feature, which sharpens text on a screen for easy reading — a huge selling point for someone like me, who spends most of her day writing and editing copy. Now I find myself hunching over my laptop and squinting at the screen less and less every day.

I've also gotten a few compliments on my eyeglasses, too, which makes me think I should've purchased a pair with my prescription so I can wear them beyond working hours. Or maybe I can just get Lasik. Perhaps I'll schedule an appointment with my eye doctor again.

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Hepburn Clear/White with SightRelax Eyeglasses, $68.95, available here.

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