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The Angular Gold Hoops That Alyssa Is Adding to Her Crowded (Yet Curated) Ears

Despite the fact that I have 12 piercings to fill, I'm quite picky about new additions, but these will fit right into my collection.
J.Hannah Tetra Hoops I, from $272, available here. Photo: J.Hannah

J.Hannah Tetra Hoops I, from $272, available here. Photo: J.Hannah

I've already discussed my slight piercing addiction at length on this website, but as someone with 12 (!) holes in my ears to fill, a significant amount of subtle, elegant jewelry is required. Of course, as I've gotten older, my tastes have matured — and in turn have become much more expensive. The stainless steel hoops and sterling silver studs that I piled on in my angst-ridden teen years and my 20s will simply no longer do; as a 30-something, each of one my earrings has been carefully considered (with the help of my favorite piercing guru), resulting in a curated mix of both yellow and rose gold, as well as the occasional tiny diamond. 

A staple that's surprisingly missing from my collection, however, is a pair of classic gold hoops. While they come in every conceivable size, thickness and circumference, I have been on the hunt for some on the smaller side, as to avoid overwhelming my already crowded ears. Recently an editor friend of mine introduced me to Los Angeles-based label J.Hannah, and these mini, angular gold hoops have been on my mind ever since. They're an interesting complement to all of the round, seamless hoops I already wear every day, bold enough to catch the light and grab your attention and, while they're not your average simple, circular shape, they aren't a trend-based statement piece that will look dated in a couple of seasons.

Over the past decade-and-a-half, the holes in my ears (and the pieces I've chosen to fill them with) have been a popular conversation starter among both friends and strangers. I expect the addition of these hoops will only increase that fascination. 

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J.Hannah Tetra Hoops I, from $272, available here.

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