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The Lilac Pajama Set Convincing Maura She Needs Yet Another Pajama Set, When She Most Definitely Does Not

How rude.
J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set in "Smoky Wisteria," $95, available here.

J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set in "Smoky Wisteria," $95, available here.

The holidays may be over, but there's still something about this time of year that makes me want to shun every item of clothing I own and devote my full sartorial focus to matching pajama sets. I want to wear them everywhere, all the time, which isn't so far out of the realm of possibility knowing that Grace Coddington often does just that. Day pajamas! Lounge pajamas! Evening pajamas! And I guess sleep pajamas, or whatever! That being said, I do have a solid rotation of pajama sets I rotate through, depending on the season. I definitely don't need another pair, but I definitely do want another pair, or another 15 pairs.

J.Crew makes some of my favorites, especially the retailer's more classic, vintage-inspired sets. I gravitated toward this creamy, dreamy lilac color (formally called "Smoky Wisteria") immediately, and — purchase impending — it may just become my new year-round go-to. In my experience, these puppies are made with the plushest, most breathable cotton — exactly what you want to sleep in. Or in my case, aim to live the rest of my life in.

J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set in "Smoky Wisteria," $95, available here.

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