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The Statement Earrings Tyler Bought Because of a 'Real Housewife'

Not too proud to admit my style sources!
Lele Sadoughi Small Paper Lily Drop Earrings, $125, available here.

Lele Sadoughi Small Paper Lily Drop Earrings, $125, available here.

A well-documented fact about me is that I am currently elbow-deep into an obsession with statement earrings. I just cannot get enough of them! And do you know who is the reality TV queen of the statement earring? Kameron Westcott from "The Real Housewives of Dallas." 

The inventor of pink, glittery dog food has never met an oversized hoop or a sparkly floral motif she didn't love, and honestly, I can relate to that. So it's no surprise that, when I first saw her wearing a pair of white, sculptural earrings for one of her season-three confessional looks, I became instantly obsessed. 

Of course, Westcott is also known for loving a major designer moment, so I assumed the earrings would be a bit outside of my price range. But rejoice! They're by Lele Sadoughi, and at $198, the clip-on style isn't too crazy expensive. 

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While there's no denying the appeal of the oversized, sparkly style worn by Westcott, I was looking for something to wear on an everyday basis, so I picked up the smaller, more subtle Small Paper Lily style. There were so many pretty colors, but following in the footsteps of my Dallas princess, I went with the mother of pearl — after all, what pops better against pink than a bright white?

Lele Sadoughi Small Paper Lily Drop Earrings, $125, available here.

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