Hey, Quick Question: Can Virgil Abloh Actually Make Men's Harnesses A Thing?

Timothée Chalamet and Michael B. Jordan have already worn the Louis Vuitton garment on the red carpet, but the reception has been rather mixed.
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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Left), Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images (Right)

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Left), Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images (Right)

Wherever Virgil Abloh dares to go, the fuccbois follow. This is a proven fact, considering that his first menswear collection for Louis Vuitton reportedly sold out faster than the French house's much-hyped collaboration with Supreme; additionally, his line of Nike sneakers, as well as his one-off partnerships with brands ranging from Warby Parker to Rimowa, have been hot-ticket items that require above-average levels of clout, cash or connections to cop. 

There is, however, one thing that Abloh might not be able to use his magic touch on in the menswear world — at least if the outspoken observers on Twitter have any say in the matter. We're talking about the harness-slash-bib that Timothée Chalamet debuted on the Golden Globes red carpet (in an all-black colorway with beaded embroidery, over a crisp shirt), followed by Michael B. Jordan at the SAG Awards on Sunday night. Jordan's iteration was colorful, floral and printed with classic Louis Vuitton logos, layered over a double-breasted suit. While public reception of Chalamet's look a few weeks ago was generally positive, the same can't be said about Jordan's. Why not take a little trip down Twitter lane for some Hot Takes, shall we? 

Who knew that one piece of clothing — if you can even technically call it that — could be so polarizing? And perhaps the more important question: Can Abloh make a $2,000+ harness/bib/cut-away vest the next hypebeast must-have? He's already done it with everything from "industrial belts" to "five-hundred-dollar T-shirts" so we wouldn't put it past him and his unmatched marketing genius. But buyer beware: If you choose to follow in Chalamet and Jordan's sartorial footsteps, be prepared to face some criticism from confused passersby and industry insiders alike. Hey, it's a small price to pay for flexing on the 'gram, right?

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