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Whitney Needs an Invite to a Literal Ball so She Has an Excuse to Wear This Dress

Molly Goddard, you've done it again.
Molly Goddard Harriet Tiered Tulle Gown, $4,077, available here.

Molly Goddard Harriet Tiered Tulle Gown, $4,077, available here.

The longer I work in media — which I think provides the closest thing to a front-row seat one can get to the lives of the rich and famous without actually becoming one of them — the more convinced I am that being famous is one of our society's worst curses. Extreme public scrutiny is a monster, and I would like the freedom to make mistakes in the luxurious privacy afforded by my obscurity, thank you very much. There is, however, one thing I genuinely desire that wealth and/or fame seems to be the only path to, and that is the excuse to wear ostentatiously fancy dresses.

I found this Molly Goddard gown a month or so ago, and I can't stop thinking about it even though I am neither a princess nor a movie star and therefore have no reason to wear such a thing (not to mention no means to obtain it). I love the over-the-top femme silhouette in combination with the sheerness of the tulle, which could lend the dress an edgier vibe with the right styling. It's so perfect that I would even endure 15 minutes in front of paparazzi cameras for it! Maybe! Either way, if you have an extra ticket to a fancy gala lying around, please feel free to email me. 

Molly Goddard Harriet Tiered Tulle Gown, $4,077, available here.

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