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Hari Nef and Tommy Dorfman Cover Phillip Picardi's First Issue of 'Out'

The former "Teen Vogue," "Allure" and "Them" editor starts his new chapter.
Photo: @pfpicardi/Instagram

Photo: @pfpicardi/Instagram

It's been a tumultuous few years in media, and there is perhaps no single person whose career trajectory has reflected that more than Phillip Picardi

Known in large part for the way he helped transform Teen Vogue from a sidelined teen publication to the popular and politically-charged voice of a new generation, Picardi's rise through the media ranks also had him overseeing digital editorial at Allure and launching Them, Condé Nast's first ever LGBTQ-centric publication. Then, in August of 2018, Picardi announced that he would be leaving Condé Nast, where he'd been working since 2010, to helm legacy queer publication Out.

On Tuesday, Out unveiled its first cover overseen by Picardi. Shot by Luke Gilford and featuring model and actress Hari Nef alongside actor Tommy Dorfman, the cover story is a celebration of queer representation in Hollywood. 

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"For the past two months, a dedicated and talented team of queer people has been hard at work on every word, font, accessory, image, and design element in our debut issue of the new Out," Picardi shared in an Instagram post. "I hope you enjoy!"

The new issue features work by a spate of writers and editors brought on by Picardi, in addition to a redesigned logo. All of it feeds back into Picardi's plan to shift Out from a magazine geared mostly toward gay men to a publication that addresses a wider range of queer folks across the spectrum, according to a report by Business of Fashion.

"Everyone needs to know that a new day has come," Picardi told Business of Fashion. "Our community wants to read stories about ourselves."

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