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Rihanna Did New Year's Eve Style Better Than Literally Anyone

This is not even up for debate.

It's pretty much an unspoken rule of New Year's Eve that regardless of whether you're going out to party or staying home to chill out, you must wear something sparkly. 

And just as this is a fact of life, it is also inarguably true that Rihanna will always do anything approximately 100 times better than your average human being, which is why we feel confident saying that Riri was the best looking person at any New Year's Eve party anywhere on the planet at the end of 2018. The singer-turned-beauty-and-lingerie-mogul rang in 2019 wearing this slinky, shiny look from designer Alexandre Vauthier, featuring a down-to-there V-neck and an up-to-there leg slit. 

The sparkle didn't end there: Rihanna paired the look with skinny, bedazzled sunglasses, sequined pumps and statement earrings. She then wrapped herself up in the coziest looking coat, a mix between a robe and a full-length fur. It's the best take on New Year's Eve dressing we've ever seen. We bet Rihanna even does New Year's Day hangovers better than anyone.

Homepage Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images 

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