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Must Read: Serena Williams Covers 'Allure,' 'GQ' Enters a New Era With Will Welch

Plus, why fast fashion is failing at beauty.
Serena Williams on the cover of "Allure'"s Body + Mind issue. Photo: Tanya and Zhenya Posternak for "Allure" 

Serena Williams on the cover of "Allure'"s Body + Mind issue. Photo: Tanya and Zhenya Posternak for "Allure" 

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Thursday.

Serena Williams covers Allure 
Serena Williams continues to make her rounds at Condé Nast by starring on the latest issue of Allure. For the cover story, the tennis pro opened up to writer Ashley C. Ford about success, self-love, the importance of standing up for oneself and what she hopes to teach her daughter about beauty and strength. You can see the cover image, which was shot by Tanya and Zhenya Posternak, above. {Allure

GQ enters a new era with Will Welch
Condé Nast announced last September that 37-year-old Will Welch would succeed longtime editor-in-chief Jim Nelson at GQ. To coincide with the release of his first issue on Thursday, Business of Fashion caught up with Welch to find out how he plans to modernize the men's fashion title. To start, he wants GQ to evolve into something more "aspirational" and focused on fashion and style. {Business of Fashion

Why fast fashion is failing at beauty 
Fast fashion retailers are finding that their customers are eager to wear a poorly produced $15 skirt but aren't so thrilled about slathering ultra-cheap makeup on their faces. So many of these companies have been trying – and largely failing — to crack the beauty market for quite some time. "For a retailer that's conquered its fashion niche, adding fragrance, makeup or skin care to the mix is alluring because margins are higher and returns rarer," writes Rachel Strugatz for Business of Fashion. "However, the fast-fashion playbook — produce clothes as quickly and cheaply as possible — doesn't carry over to beauty, where product testing and regulatory approvals can't be rushed." {Business of Fashion

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Reese Witherspoon covers Vogue
Reese Witherspoon is on a mission to put women at the center of the story. In the February issue of Vogue, Witherspoon tells Meghan Daum how her company Hello Sunshine intends to do this. The actress also discusses her 28-year career in Hollywood, growing up in Nashville and becoming a mom at 23. You can see her cover image, shot by Zoë Ghertner, below.  {Vogue

Reese Witherspoon on the February issue of "Vogue." Photo: Zoë Ghertner 

Reese Witherspoon on the February issue of "Vogue." Photo: Zoë Ghertner 

How nationalist streetwear can mobilize extremism 
Writer Cynthia Miller-Idriss interviewed 51 youths in and around far-right scenes in Germany to explore how extremism is going mainstream through clothing brands laced with racist and nationalist symbols. What she gathered from these conversations was that clothing is far from just a reflection of youth identity; it calls for revolution and resistance. "T-shirts are more than just T-shirts, in other words," she writes. "As part of a broader youth subculture, they can strengthen racist and nationalist identification and mobilize extremist action and violence." {CNN

New York Fashion Week will reportedly move to The Shed
The Shed, a cultural center under construction at the heart of Hudson Yards, will open on April 5. According to WWD, sources say that it will become the new home of New York Fashion Week. This means fashion show goers will hopefully only have to endure one more season of disorganization and elevator mess at Spring Studios. {WWD

Babushkas are trending
Dazed has boldly dubbed 2019 as "the year of babushka fashion." For those who didn't grow up with Matryoshka dolls, "babushka" means grandma in Russian and, when used in fashion, refers to wearing a headscarf tied under the chin. Demna Gvasalia sent models wearing babushka scarves down the runway at Vetements over a year ago, and now Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky are wearing them, so it's officially a thing. {Dazed

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