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18 Cropped Sweaters to Prove You Actually Have a Body Beneath Your Winter Layers

Winter is the worst. Cropped sweaters are the best.
Photo: Courtesy of Christy Dawn

Photo: Courtesy of Christy Dawn

Remember summer, when the sun set so late that it was still light out when you got off work and it was warm all the time and you were able to set foot outside your house not bundled into mummy-like layers? Me too, distantly! Having grown up in a place where the temperature almost never drops below 70 degrees, I have many bones to pick with winter, but the way that layers of cold-weather clothing can make me feel more marshmallow than human is near the top of my list.

Cropped sweaters have, as a result, become a winter staple for me. Worn with a pair leggings under jeans, a cropped sweater will keep me truly warm — but the fact that a little movement might reveal a bit of skin helps me feel a little less like a blob and a little more like a person. In the interest of helping other people take advantage of this sartorial secret for surviving winter, I rounded up some of the best cropped sweaters on the market. From bright turtlenecks to demure cashmere numbers brought to you by a wide range of brands like Miu Miu, Everlane, Matthew Adams Dolan and more, the goods are all here. Take a look at all the winners in the gallery below.

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