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Must Read: The Most Effective Skin-Care Trick Is Being Rich, What to Look Forward to This Year in Fashion

Plus, will the sneaker industry continue to boom in 2019?
Photo: Imaxtree 

Photo: Imaxtree 

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

The most effective skin-care trick is being rich 
"You can drink as much water and wear as much sunscreen as you want, but the most effective skin-care trick is being rich," writes Amanda Mull for The Atlantic. In the piece, Mull examines how the wealthy tend to be visibly well moisturized and calls B.S. on millionaires who swear their smooth, even-toned complexions are a result of sleep and hydration. She also calls out mainstream beauty media for playing dumb on class aesthetics as they continue to aggregate the tips and tricks of people who can drop $200 on regular facials: "If everyone admitted that skin care is primarily a function of wealth, then they'd have to grapple with who has money, and what we assume and expect of those who don't." {The Atlantic

What to look forward to this year in fashion 
In 2018 the fashion industry became more inclusive and environmentally aware; hopefully, these positive strides will continue in 2019. With that in mind, Vogue came up with 11 reasons to be amped about the year in fashion, from buzzy designer debuts to an over-the-top Met Gala. {Vogue

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Will the sneaker industry continue to boom in 2019? 
The growth of the sneaker industry shows little sign of slowing: WWD surveyed a number of leading sneaker retailers and various luxury retailers who were in agreement that the business and people's interest in the sporty footwear will continue to increase. This isn't to say that every sneaker brand will have an extremely profitable 2019; success in the crowded market will come to those who develop an innovative approach to design, marketing and selling. {WWD

NYFW: Men's faces challenges this season
Four years in and New York Fashion Week: Men's is still facing challenges. This year, an unexpected one-time shift in dates by the trade shows in Las Vegas means that retailers and editors who usually attend both will have to make a choice or abbreviate one or both of the events. On top of that, many of the headliners have opted to either hold dual-gender shows or have decamped to other cities. So what's left on the men's Fall 2019 calendar is a slew of lesser-known names. {WWD

38 percent of fashion and beauty brands see collaborations as their greatest marketing opportunity
Get ready for more collaborations in 2019: In a survey of 149 fashion and beauty brand executives from Glossy's proprietary research panel of industry insiders, 38 percent said the brands they work for see collaborations as their greatest marketing opportunity this year. Pop-ups came in at a distant second (19 percent) and events came in third (14 percent). {Glossy

Cartier loses trademark dispute over the word "love" 
Cartier's attempt to trademark the word "love" has failed. In 2017, the historic jeweler filed a counterclaim to stop MoneyMax, a Singaporean pawnbroker, from receiving trademark protection for its "Love Gold" jewelry line, because it insisted the term was too close to the branding of its Love bracelet collection. The Singaporean courts have now rejected the counterclaim, citing "a single company should not have control over the word 'love.'" {Vox

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