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The Necklace Steph Spotted on Instagram and Hasn't Stopped Thinking About Since

I'm trying to round out my necklace layering collection.
Tarin Thomas Yin Yang Everett Necklace, $158, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Tarin Thomas

Tarin Thomas Yin Yang Everett Necklace, $158, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Tarin Thomas

Because it's what all the cool fashion kids on Instagram are doing — and because I read Dara's excellent primer on the subject on this very site — I've been wanting to get into necklace layering lately. But in order to do that, I'll really need to round out my collection. First, I plan to pick up an initial pendant, and then add another coin necklace to the one I already have. And finally, I'll work in a little unexpected quirkiness, hopefully in the form of this throwback yin-yang necklace by Tarin Thomas.

I was a big fan of the yin-yang back in 1998, when I distinctly recall using tickets I'd won playing arcade games to purchase a choker necklace adorned with the ancient Chinese symbol at my local roller rink. (I was eight years old, it was the '90s, and chokers, yin yangs and rollerblading were about as cool as it could get). This necklace — which features a yin-yang pendant on a long gold chain — is a nod to the '90s resurgence, yes, but I also have a deeper appreciation for the intent behind the symbol these days. 

According to Chinese philosophy, the yin yang's swirling black-and-white shapes represent the interconnectedness of seemingly opposing forces (like good and bad). It's supposed to remind us that contradictions and dualities exist in nature and can serve to complement and balance one another. I think that's a nice idea, and I also think it makes for a nice necklace. I first spotted this one on Instagram, as one does in the year 2019, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about hitting "add to cart" since. 

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Tarin Thomas Yin Yang Everett Necklace, $158, available here.

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