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13 Dry Shampoos to Try If You Have Fine Hair

Oily, lifeless, flat styles: See ya!
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Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

Sure, we can wax poetic about the benefits of having fine hair: It's usually silky, soft, shiny and smooth. But it also tends to become flat and limp in record time, doesn't give hair accessories much to hang on to and can get dented and helmet-y any time it's tucked beneath a hat for even a few minutes. And yes, fine hair also turns greasy much more quickly than other types, which are better able to absorb and mask the natural oils and product buildup that can linger on the scalp.

But luckily for all those fine hair havers out there, we're living in the Golden Age of dry shampoo. There has never been a more impressive array of oil-sopping, volume-enhancing, texture-creating, hold-lending, amazing-smelling hair products to choose from. But not all dry shampoos are created equal: Some formulas may lead to scalp irritation for sensitive skin types. Others are too chalky and heavy for fine hair, weighing it down rather than oomphing it up. 

"For fine hair, I avoid anything that is going to leave the hair sticky and clumpy and anything that is heavy or oily," says Donovan Mills, a hairstylist at Ramirez Tran salon in Los Angeles. His dry shampoo hack? "An easy way to test dry shampoo out is simply spraying it on your forearm first, and then feeling the texture on your skin."

We consulted several experts and scoured the beauty shelves to round up 13 standout dry shampoo formulas that will breathe life, freshness and volume into fine hair. Click through the gallery below to see (and shop!) them all. 

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