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Hey, Quick Question: What Is Glossier Play?

What is the millennial-beloved beauty brand up to next?
Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion and beauty industries. Enjoy!

Since its launch in 2014, Glossier has been heralded as a major beauty-industry disruptor, building its direct-to-consumer business through a strong aesthetic, smart branding and a unique social media presence. Founder Emily Weiss has won over scores of millennial shoppers who favor the brand's approach to no-makeup makeup and simple skin care. The company has spent much of the last several years building on its core concept of crowd-sourced product development while simultaneously expanding its retail footprint and continuing to rake in staggering funds. So what's next for the company? Glossier Play. Whatever that is.

On Friday, the brand posted an announcement on social media teasing the mysterious Glossier Play, a "new brand" that's supposedly "two years in the making" for the company. 

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Beyond noting that it's coming in March 2019, there's little (or really, no) information about what, exactly, Glossier Play is, but users can sign up to receive email updates on Glossier's website. Glossier Play also has its own independent Instagram account, which is already racking up tens of thousands of followers. (So far the only post is a delightful, affirmation-filled video the brand re-posted from Instagram star Donté Colley — doesn't exactly clear anything up.)

So, let's do some wild speculating, shall we? The only imagery for Glossier Play thus far is the gold glitter photo that serves as its Instagram avatar, the satiny green graphic that appears in the confirmation email when you sign up and a spinning "G" in the Glossier Play section of Glossier's website, which transforms from pink glitter to what looks like a red, creamy lipstick smear to reflective water to gold liquid. Given these context clues — and the fact that Glossier may be looking to break out of its shell and appeal to a broader customer base — our best bet is that Glossier Play may be a high-pigment, full-coverage makeup range. 

As competitors like Fenty Beauty and Milk Makeup attract the attention of Gen-Z and millennial shoppers with bold shades, intensely pigmented formulas and makeup that seems to exist primarily for the sake of fun, it would be a smart move for Glossier to take a step in a similar direction.

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