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Shayne Oliver Announces Relaunch of Hood By Air

The cult-favorite New York brand is coming back from the dead.
The finale of the Hood By Air show in September 2016. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The finale of the Hood By Air show in September 2016. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When Hood by Air announced that it was going "on hiatus" in April 2017, there was no certainty about whether or not it would ever be coming back. Though the New York-based brand had been a cult favorite among the city's downtown cool kids for years, the cancellation of its Paris Fashion Week show that February had sparked rumors that the brand might be struggling financially. 

Shortly thereafter, Creative Director and co-founder Shayne Oliver released a buzzy capsule collection with Helmut Lang, before going largely dark on fashion's radar. But on Wednesday, Oliver announced that Hood by Air is relaunching in an interview with Canadian e-tailer Ssense.

"No one knows how our comeback will be received," Oliver said. "We are all hoping for the best, but we also understand some time has passed."

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This isn't the first time that Hood by Air has resurrected itself after a multi-year hiatus. Though the brand was initially founded in 2006, it pressed pause from 2009-2012 when Oliver's original co-founder left. During that time, Oliver focused on making music, before relaunching the brand with Leilah Weinraub as CEO in 2012.

In the interview, Oliver went on to say that though he never intends to fully leave Hood by Air, "in the long run, [he sees himself] helming another brand," and noted that he'd love to operate outside of the "ridiculous" fashion schedule in the future. For those who remember that the label famously avoided taking on investors in the past, Oliver's hints about the role that outside funding could play seem to signify a shift in mindset.

"It's a business and having a store these days, especially as a young designer, is such a privilege, and not many can actually pull it off," he said. "I hope that changes, and investors, or whoever, come through and help garnish [sic] younger talent."

If there have been concrete changes made to better support financial viability for the label, the interview doesn't disclose them. It also isn't yet clear when, specifically, we'll get a look at the new product. For now, fans of HBA will just have to hope that whatever snafus the brand ran into before have been worked out. 

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