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This Dry Shampoo Works Overnight, so Steph Wakes up With Better Hair

Plus, it's made from natural ingredients and doesn't rely on aerosol.
Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo, $32, available here.

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo, $32, available here.

As someone with fine hair who prefers not to dry it out with shampoo every single day, I'm a big dry shampoo devotee. And I've used plenty of them that I really, truly love: this one, which multiple Fashionista editors swear by; this one, which uses science-y technology to get hair feeling fresh; and this one, which smells heavenly and doesn't leave my hair looking chalk-covered. But my latest dry shampoo obsession came when I received a package from Kaia Naturals, a beauty brand that uses activated charcoal in its full product range to absorb oil and impurities.

While Kaia also makes natural deodorant, its Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo is my favorite offering. Like it says in the name, it's meant to be used overnight: Concentrate a few pumps of it at the roots, go to bed, wake up with non-greasy, non-chalky hair. A lazy girl's dream. That's actually how I tend to use most dry shampoo formulas, since letting the product sit on the scalp overnight gives it time to do its absorbing more effectively, and then I can style my hair easily in the morning. That said, Kaia's version is particularly chalky (at first!), so the overnight use is really the only way to go if you don't want to get saddled with a bunch of time spent massaging it in and brushing it out. 

It does come in two tints, though I have found that even the "brunette" one leaves a whitish cast on my brown strands at first. So again: Overnight is kind of mandatory here. But if you use it according to those instructions, damn, is it good. The natural formula relies on rice and starches, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and the aforementioned activated charcoal to sop up excess sebum and residue that can accumulate at the scalp. It leaves hair smelling fresh and lightly floral-scented; lends just enough body and volume and uses a special type of packaging that doesn't require aerosol. That last bit is especially exciting, A) if you care about the environment, B) because it allows Kaia to pack three aerosol cans' worth of product into one small bottle, C) because it's liquid-free, and therefore TSA-friendly and D) because it means the formula is free of drying alcohols. Is that enough reasons?

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Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo, $32, available here.

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