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This Cashmere Bra Is Probably the Most Extravagant, Yet Delightful, Thing Steph Owns

It's hard to imagine a cozier undergarment.
Naked Cashmere Evie bra, $120, available here.

Naked Cashmere Evie bra, $120, available here.

If you look through my wardrobe or my past (non-beauty) Editors' Picks on this very site, one overarching trend becomes abundantly clear: I like to be cozy as hell. Give me a fleece, a pullover, a knit or a blanket-like garment of any kind and I'm thrilled. But did you ever know that bras could be cozy? I certainly didn't, until I received this cashmere (!!!!) one as part of a mailing from a beauty brand. It's possibly the most extravagant thing I own — I repeat, it's a cashmere bra — but it's also one of the most delightful.

With the insanely cold temperatures we've been experiencing here in New York this winter, finding ways to add one more layer of warmth to my outfits has been crucial. But beyond that, this bra is one of the softest and comfiest I've ever worn. It's hard to imagine a cozier undergarment — I'd buy myself several more if I thought it was a remotely practical way to spend a couple hundred dollars. In other words, this is a real Ferris Bueller type of purchase: If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Naked Cashmere Evie bra, $120, available here.

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