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Dhani Finally Found Classic Black Sunglasses That Fit Her Small Face Perfectly

I truly can't recommend these enough for those with small faces.
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic, $143, available here.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic, $143, available here.

As I've written about a few times on this website, eyewear is a bit of an issue for me because my face and entire head are abnormally small. Unless I want to go for an oversized look — which I've never really been into and, as you may have noticed, is not really trending at the moment — my sunglasses options are quite limited. Even today's ubiquitous "Matrix"-esque sunglasses tend to extend out too wide for my narrow noggin.

For the past few years, I've been trying to find a very simple, timeless pair of black sunglasses that truly suit me and I am very, very grateful (requisite "this is NOT sponsored and I paid for these!" disclaimer) to Ray-Ban for launching the New Wayfarer, a smaller version of the brand's perennial classic frame with a softer eye shape — a.k.a. exactly what I'd been looking for. Even better: The style comes in three different sizes. My size smalls just arrived in the mail and they are literally perfect. For once, I can wear sunglasses that don't wobble around on my face or fall off if I bend forward. I honestly feel like these are the only sunglasses I need at the moment and plan to take excellent care of them so I can wear them as long as possible. 

If you, too, have a small face, I can't recommend these enough.

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Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic, $143, available here.

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