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Amanu Is Hiring SANDALMAKERS In West Hollywood, CA

Amanu celebrates a timeless, human moment to create a made-to measure sandal—right in front of the customer’s eyes.

LOCATION: West Hollywood, CA


Amanu celebrates a timeless, human moment to create a made-to measure sandal—right in front of the customer’s eyes. Using materials from the finest Italian factories and techniques that have been passed down for generations, our makers build sandals around finer, intimate details that make a foot and sole unique.

Amanu represents a break from the expected. With an eye to the past, we’ve created a platform where creativity and beautiful craftsmanship are celebrated above all else.

Join us as we build a new type of experience.


Working directly with the production principal and existing team of makers, you’ll undergo a four-week training program to learn the process, techniques and specifics required to build each of the brand’s ten core styles from scratch. You’ll graduate from training once you’ve completed the allocated training hours, have demonstrated precision in craft, and can confidently build each style within a designated time frame, as determined by the Amanu Style Manual.

In this role, you’ll be central to the entire experience, creating sandals on-site and in real-time based on client style and material selections. You’ll begin by walking the client through the materials to co-create their vision. Then you will take an initial measurement of the client’s foot. From there, you’ll head to your station to cut strips of material and assemble a pair of sandals, according to design choice. Next comes the first fitting, which is designed to ensure that the straps are perfectly placed. During this stage, you’ll interact with each client through a series of questions from which you’ll be equipped to understand their ideal fit. You’ll return to your stations once more, nailing each strap securely in place. Once the sandal is made, you’ll bring it over for a final fitting.

During peak hours, you’ll be responsible for creating up tp 8 pairs of sandals per day, in 20-40 minutes each (depending on complexity of style).

Note: This role is physically demanding, only for those who want to work closely with a range of materials, interact directly with clients, and create bespoke sandals with their hands. As a mobile business, you may be regularly scheduled to work at pop-ups and off-site events.

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  • Friendly disposition and ability to consult with customers on materials, design and styles
  • Advanced knowledge of footwear materials, constructions and production
  • Excellent prioritization, communication skills, and obsession with detail
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration
  • Self-starter
  • Must be available to work weekends and some evenings for special events


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design
  • Strong understanding of current consumer fashion trends
  • Retail/sales experience
  • Has a car and able / willing to use it for work, if needed


In order to be considered, you’ll need to be available to participate in a 7-week training school (M-F), operating on a rolling basis, but ideally beginning in March. Training will take place at our studio unless otherwise advised.

School is paid at a training rate; hourly rate adjustments will be made upon sufficient completion of the course.

Location: 605 N W Knoll Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90048

To apply, email, with the job title and your name in the subject line (i.e. Maker + Designer: Jane Doe). Please attach your resume, relevant work (as PDF or a link) as well as an overview as to why you as the right fit for this role. Should we feel that it’s a potential match, we’ll be in touch to set up an initial conversation.