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The Shirt That Will Jumpstart Leanna's Collection of Square-Neck, Puff-Sleeve Tops

This is just the beginning.
Attico Silk Balloon Sleeve Top, $890, available here. Photo: Imaxtree

Attico Silk Balloon Sleeve Top, $890, available here. Photo: Imaxtree

My arguably unhealthy obsession with the square-neck, puff-sleeve top started last year, when I noticed the trend peeking through on the runway. Its place in my heart (and someday, my closet) was solidified when I saw this downright stunning photo of Gilda Ambrosio posing in a Zara dress and inadvertently guiding me toward the light that is the square-neck, puff-sleeve combo. So it makes perfect sense that my embodiment of that trend comes from Ambrosio's joint clothing line with Giorgia Tordini, Attico

I've been patiently waiting to come across something like this to add to my own wardrobe — I have many requirements, you see. The sleeves can't be stiff (I'd like them to billow in the upcoming spring breeze, tyvm). The neckline must be square with a slight sweetheart curve in toward the cleavage. The color should be vibrant and spritely so I don't look like I'm auditioning for a rendition of Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet." Reasonable, no? 

Lucky for me, this shirt checks off all my boxes. Unlucky for me, it's less in keeping with my budget. Alas, the spring breeze may have to wait. 

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Attico Silk Balloon Sleeve Top, $890, available here.

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