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This Exfoliating Tool Makes Steph's Skin So Satisfyingly Smooth

It's the only physical exfoliator I'll use on my face.
Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal, $189, available here.

Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal, $189, available here.

First things first: This is basically just a glorified, dainty, super-gentle safety razor. Call it an "exfoliation and peach fuzz removal tool" if you must, but yes, the Dermaflash is a bladed gadget that vibrates as it glides over skin, removing a fine layer of peach fuzz and dead cells sitting on skin's surface. And I am completely obsessed with it.

I'm normally pretty wary of most forms of physical exfoliation, especially for the face. And I can fully understand why some people might be skeptical of dermaplaning at home — holding an ultra-sharp blade to your face when you're not used to shaving a beard every day sounds pretty intimidating. But this gadget is infinitely more effective at smoothing skin and banishing dulling buildup and infinitely less irritating than other manual exfoliation methods, like wash cloths or — shudder — granulated face scrubs. (I do not have positive feelings about most face scrubs; read this and please don't @ me.)

How, you ask, is a fancy razor gentler than a wash cloth? The super-fine, ultra-sharp blade (which comes in refillable, single-use cartridges to maintain hygiene and sharpness) uses sonic vibrations to lift loose dead skin cells and fine hairs off of the skin's surface. The technique takes a little practice, and it's important to hold the tool on an angle to avoid the potential for nicks, but the results are both immediate and gratifying.

I've tried plenty of gimmick-y skin-care tools in my day, but Dermaflash is easily the most satisfying of them all: Even if skin doesn't start out feeling particularly dull (or hair-covered), using the tool makes you realize just how much gunk and fuzz was actually lingering there on skin's surface, begging to be swept away. It leaves skin smoother than it's ever felt before (no facial I've ever gotten has accomplished the same), with a brighter, more even finish. 

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All that intense exfoliation also leaves skin prepped to better absorb whatever you put on after it. (I usually follow it with a super-hydrating sheet mask, like this one, or hyaluronic serum, like this one.) It also works wonders for makeup, allowing it to blend seamlessly over skin, rather than catching or settling on any weird dry patches — because said patches will have magically disappeared. 

So much better than a face scrub.

Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal, $189, available here.

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