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Kempton & Co. Is Hiring A Part-Time Creative Retail Assistant In New York, NY

Kempton & Co. is a small, but ever growing and established Handbag and Accessory Design & Production Business looking for a sharp part-time employee for the position of Creative Retail Assistant.

Kempton & Co. is a small, but ever growing and established Handbag and Accessory Design & Production Business looking for a sharp part-time employee for the position of Creative Retail Assistant. Will be working in our retail store driving and increasing sales, as well as with back office tasks. Positive energy and ability to switch between types of tasks is a must! We’re looking for someone who’s a people person and enjoys working with diverse clientele. This is primarily a sales job, so a sales history is a must!

Compensation: Based on experience and skill set.


Weekends (10:30am – 6pm) depending on schedule. Currently looking for 4 weekend days spread over a 6-week rotation.

Responsibilities/Tasks-at-Hand as our Retail Assistant may include depending on skill set:

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  • Learning our brand history and nature of the products in depth to relay back to our customers
  • Interacting with clients that enter our store or call over the phone to help with sales or customer service
  • Upselling to clients, making sure their choice is the perfect fit for them and their lifestyle
  • Driving increasing sales for our brick and mortar business, and catering to the clientele that enters our store
  • Developing campaigns for social media with our Creative Assistant
  • Analyzing sales data to see where we can expand, or which items to focus on selling as to improve performance in certain areas
  • Writing creatively on blog posts, email campaigns, etc. so that our content is always fresh and interactive
  • Working extra days here and there, including holidays to ensure that the store is staffed at all times
  • Working independently as during the weekends we only have one assistant in the store at a time

Skills and attributes we're looking for:

  • Strong Retail Skills and History – We’re looking for someone who has had a great retail past and knows how to apply their skills to this job, while also molding those skills to be appropriate for our business.
  • Pleasant, Positive Energy – Someone who likes working with people as a retail assistant, but is focused on the many tasks that have to get completed to drive overall business. We would like our assistant to help maintain clientele and build a deeper one.
  • Tidy – Ensuring that the workplace is always neat, and when restocking sold items, the stockroom is organized for finding the next product easily. Respecting the items and making sure they’re remaining in good condition while storing is a must!
  • Multi Tasker – Someone who is organized, writes things down, is detail orientated, and doesn’t need to be asked twice to complete a task. Must be able to pause a task at hand to help a retail customer and then immediately resume project once the customer has left the front of house.
  • Respectful and Communicative – Communication and respect is a must for this position!
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop a plus.
  • Punctual – Understandably, Red Hook is a hike for some applicants. But, we need someone who is on time always and their lateness is an anomaly.
  • Strong Computer/Technology Skills – We use at least half a dozen different web platforms every day, and many tasks have steps within a couple rather than a single platform. Easy to learn everything, but follow through is a must for each task so you must be able to juggle technology well.
  • Styling Abilities – We're a small batch production business, sometimes the things that you sell in the store will be the last in stock. It'd be a huge plus for you to be able to know how to restyle the front of house so that it constantly looks professional and put-together. If you don't know, then definitely just have an eye for composition of visuals!
  • Independent Worker – As you’d be the only one in the store, it is essential to be able to take direction and work with your abilities, but also brainstorm more projects when one ends.
  • Problem Solver – When handling customer service or other retail issues, one must be able to manage risk of all types and be able to think on their feet!

We're looking for an assistant who would love to grow with the business, and truly understands that their thorough execution of tasks helps the business grow too. This position could encompass our events/pop ups. Driving license required for that additional role.

Please email with your resume and cover letter.