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The Sandals That Might Convince Maria to Actually Wear Open-Toed Shoes This Season

And in a bright color, no less!
Labucq Chan Sandal in lime patent, $325, available here.

Labucq Chan Sandal in lime patent, $325, available here.

With spring officially here, it's time to flip my wardrobe from sweaters and coats to T-shirts and lightweight (sometimes quilted) jackets. One thing, however, that usually stays the same is my choice of footwear. I generally opt out of wearing sandals or any other type of open-toed shoe because one, do you know how dirty these city sidewalks are? And two, maintaining a steady, seasonal schedule of pedicures is time-consuming and costly. (Don't get me wrong, though, I love a good pedicure.) So once the warmer months kick in, I'm still rotating through my favorite sneakers, boots and flats, while everyone else is showing off their stylish slides or sandals and a fresh coat of nail polish.

But that might all change because I found a pair of sandals that may finally convince me to actually wear open-toed shoes this season. And in a bright color, no less! These lime-green patent leather sandals are brand new from Labucq, a young footwear brand from Rag & Bone alum Lauren Bucquet. I already have a pair of boots from the designer, so I know these are well-made and comfortable. Sure, I could go for the sandal's more neutral combination — brown python with a black block heel — but if I'm already making a significant change in my spring/summer footwear habits, I might as well go big, right?

Labucq Chan Sandal in lime patent, $325, available here.

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