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Hey Fashionista, I'm Leanna!

Join us in welcoming our new associate editor to the team.
Photo: @queenleezy/Instagram

Photo: @queenleezy/Instagram

It's amazing to think that Fashionista has been my go-to spot for years in my frantic searches for the perfect job in fashion, and now I've got my perfect job in fashion right here at Fashionista. Hey everyone, I’m Leanna — Lea for short — and I'm joining the Fashionista team as its newest associate editor!

I first began dabbling in the fashion world when I decided to steal my mom's issues of Vogue and rip out the pages I liked (sorry, mom) so I could stick them in an overcrowded lime green binder that I dubbed my "look book." My mom promptly put an end to that by getting me my own subscription to Teen Vogue so I would leave her precious magazines alone while still fostering my own fashion dream board. (The struggle was real before Pinterest.)

I got my first peek into the actual making of my beloved magazines while interning at a major publication one summer. It was there that I realized that, as exciting as the fashion world is, the lack of diversity and inclusivity both behind the scenes and on the surface really limits its ability to reach a wider audience and properly pay homage to the communities that have contributed so much to it. After graduating Howard University (the real HU), I interned at and eventually began writing about the intersection of fashion, music and race at Billboard — a subject matter that I can't wait to continue here at Fashionista. 

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In my spare time, you can find me brunching, trying to master the perfect-looking smoothie (mine always looks like salsa verde) and bookmarking articles I neglect to read until months later (I'm working on it). Send me your brunch recommendations — I'll accept book recommendations, too — on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for welcoming me to the Fashionista team, and I can't wait for what's ahead! 

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