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Dhani Is Ready to Pull the Trigger on a Boiler Suit

I can't stop thinking about this one from a made-in-New York brand.
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Loup Red Gilda Jumpsuit, $193, available here.

Loup Red Gilda Jumpsuit, $193, available here.

I'm not sure exactly where we are in the trend lifecycle of boiler suits — I guess it's that point where I've wanted one for a while, haven't been able to find one I like enough to pull the trigger, but now they're everywhere and I can't escape them and it's time to give someone my money.

My main deterrent from pulling the trigger has been my height, or lack thereof, but I've come to the conclusion that they key is buying one with a high/nipped waist that's meant to have a cropped length; that way I can hopefully avoid the issue of the crotch falling somewhere around my knees.

Enter this beauty from Loup. First of all, it's been four years since we wrote about this small made-in-New York brand and it's somehow reassuring that it's still quietly churning out the cutest retro-minimalist wardrobe staples — and with pretty accessible prices at that. The brand's jumpsuit offering is fairly vast, but a new long-sleeve option really caught my attention.

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It has the high/nipped waist and cropped pant I was talking about and with that shape and subtle Peter Pan collar, it's a bit more traditionally feminine than most of the options out there, without feeling too precious. And while I'd typically go for a more neutral hue, I'm feeling this red for some reason. Could this be the boiler suit for me?

Loup Red Gilda Jumpsuit, $193, available here.

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