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The Minimalist Gold Bucket Bag That Would Add a Little Sparkle to Dhani's Spring Wardrobe

Courtesy of my Instagram saved folder.
Vartist Kari Gold Bucket Bag, $173, available here.

Vartist Kari Gold Bucket Bag, $173, available here.

For me, writing these weekly editors' picks often serves as a reminder to check my Instagram "saved" folder. Among the haircut, styling and home decor inspo are many products I'm thinking about buying. This time around, I found a handbag I'd completely forgotten about, and am now seriously considering purchasing.

This one comes from Vartist, a California-based brand that makes everything from knitwear to furniture, which I discovered, of course, via Instagram. It's a small, simply designed woven bucket bag, but with a little something special: It's made with a gold thread that has a touch of sparkle without being remotely garish. While it could be suitable for a night out, I like the idea of wearing it with a simple jeans-and-t-shirt look for daytime to add a little shimmer to an otherwise casual outfit. It just feels like the perfect springtime bag to thoughtlessly throw a credit card, cell phone and sunglasses into for a spontaneous outing on a sunny day.

Vartist Kari Gold Bucket Bag, $173, available here.

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