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Help, Whitney Wants to Wear a Pair of Literal Children's Shoes

Why don't they make this colorway in adult sizes?
Veja V-12 Multico Indigo Sneakers, $79, available here.

Veja V-12 Multico Indigo Sneakers, $79, available here.

French brand Veja has long been making the holy grails of ethically-sourced, cool-looking footwear. (Just ask Megan Markle.) In a sustainable fashion marketplace littered with boho sandals and other festival-appropriate garb, Veja's sneakers speak to a different aesthetic — one more likely to be embraced by the urbanite who spends most of their time in the concrete jungle. As a New York City-dweller who loves comfortable shoes and sustainable fashion, a pair of Veja sneakers has been at the top of my wishlist for years.

I was recently browsing the brand's website and fell hard for a pair of shoes that seem, to me, pretty much perfect. The bright primary colors make them different enough from other white sneakers I own, but they're still minimal enough that they'd go with most everything in my closet. The only problem? They're made for, uh, kids. Sure, there is an adult-size pair that's similar, but I miss the goldenrod tab at the back and the velcro straps. I don't have any kids of my own that I'm trying to buy cool shoes for, so someone please slip me the founders' phone numbers — I need to petition to have these made in my size, stat.

Veja V-12 Multico Indigo Sneakers, $79, available here.

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