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What’s TRENDING with Hiring Managers Right NOW

As you sit at your lap top or PC and plan your next career coup, you’re probably smartly sleuthing around to find the answer to the predominant question: What do hiring managers want right now?

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As you sit at your lap top or PC and plan your next career coup, you’re probably smartly sleuthing around to find the answer to the predominant question.

What do hiring managers want right now?

Let’s get to the specifics. “What is the current resume trend and what do hiring managers look for on a resume?” Your goal is to stand out so you can get an interview with someone who has hiring authority to assess fit. To get there you will need a resume that drives a spark of interest and addresses the key qualifications for the job role. For an edge over other candidates you need to know the top hiring trends in apparel jobs right now!

So what are the top 3 things trending with Hiring Manager right now?

They are office-technical skills, resume readability, and a pet-peeve is that they receive too many resumes with unanswered questions.

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So here’s our advice on how to meet their requests, STAND OUT and amp it up!

Office-technical capabilities speak volumes, draw people in and can open many opportunities for you. Hiring managers say they look for office-tech skills for ALL of their roles, any level. Candidates that show case these skills have a better chance of getting in the door. Take the time to be specific about your office tech skills, systems used, MS office capabilities (list each one) and skill level of each. Recruiters, HR and hiring managers say they take a mental note of these skills and are more likely to keep a candidate in mind for other opportunities where they can utilize these skills.

Most hiring managers say they read resumes in full and are still uncertain if the candidate has the right experience. They tell us resumes are too vague and filled with infographics. Review your resume and quantify with numbers, percentages, and descriptive specifics where appropriate and feasible. Be sure you list relative skills and experience and that your resume answers questions about what you did. For example “Processed critical reports every week” could be written as “Created and maintained weekly sales and cost reports for the management team.” This answers the question of type of report, frequency and who viewed the report – questions a Recruiter or Hiring Manager would ask.

Before you hit send when you apply for your dream job, we have eight (8) quick check points for you to ensure success. To view our brief resume check points and to read the rest of this article, see our blog post:

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