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ALAB Group Is Hiring A PR & Marketing Coordinator In New York, NY

ALAB GROUP is an integrated marketing + communications consultancy that creatively and strategically solves problems for clients at the intersection of enterprise and innovation.

ALAB GROUP is an integrated marketing + communications consultancy that creatively and strategically solves problems for clients at the intersection of enterprise and innovation. We connect the dots between a brand’s product and purpose, creating a consistent communication strategy across multiple mediums to deliver the right brand messaging to the right audiences.

We are looking for an individual who can serve in the following role:

Experience– A minimum 1 - 2 year’s experience at an agency or in house setting. This can include a creative/marketing agency, PR agency or in house role in fashion, hospitality, or entertainment.

Traditional & Non Traditional Pitching – Confidence with written and oral ability to identify a message, the right audience, and know how to connect the two. Determined, assertive and yet courteous with outreach and follow up efforts.

Creative Incubation & Brainstorming – Has a fearless approach for ideation. Can actively be inspired and lend new concepts and ideas to current client roaster as well as contextually make sure opportunities are well researched and fitting. Can do this independently and in a team setting.

Strategic Planning – Understands the necessity of planning as a means for achieving results.Can successfully map out concepts with stages/procedures to understand and consider immediate goals and articulate that action plan.

Presentations – Assist in collaborating on presentations on behalf of the CEO in addition to the creation of internal and external presentations for clients that could include both written (PowerPoint, InDesign) and oral formats.

Client Relations– Can cordially and graciously interact with clients via written, verbal and in person communication, treating their needs of the uttermost priority and providing them with necessary updates in the most professional and timely capacity.

Administrative Duties & Reporting –Can informally provide updates when necessary and is actively engaged with the team. Additionally, can write formal reports based on the format per the client’s preferences. Appreciates and has a joy for paper trails, excel lists, color coding.

Events– Can assist in the production of ALAB’s signature events with on-site support and planning duties not limited to Time & Action grids, event element research, vendor hiring and relations, and staffing.

The perfect person for ALAB will be/have:

Superior Time Management Skills - Deadline Driven- A strong ability to manage time while multitasking on various projects and day to day needs. Understands the priority of meeting deadlines and can effectively do this in a calm yet attentive way.

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Attention to Detail – Superior Standards- Meticulous and a high stakes attitude when it comes to quality work. Responsible for all documents that are handed into both the CEO and client directly meet ALAB’s standards, proofread, and formatted accordingly. Personally invested in the task at hand and willing to spend additional hours to complete the job to one’s own high standards. Committed to their best work for themselves and the team.

Culture Aficionado/ Culturally Inquisitive – Is inspired by the impact that culture has on society. Understands the landscape and the cultural intersection between fashion, art, hospitality, entertainment, and technology.

Humble & Hungry– Highly motivated to get the task done and at a top grade while being driven by challenging circumstances and deadlines. Understands that learning is part of a process that breeds success overtime and therefore operates from a place of wanting to prove not owning already.

Integrity– Has a strong moral compass and understands the significance of ethical responsibility. Operates with a sense of honesty and a guideline for action; Is able to be accountable for their actions and understands the value of follow through.

Old School Professional – Understands that not all old things are bad; Knows the value of showing up early (because being on time is late), speaking to authoritative figures with appreciation, admiration, and respect and showing up physically and mentally ready to work.

New School Creative – Has a creative energy and enthusiasm that can be channeled into their work. Sees the world through a unique lens thanks to their own unique mediums and fostering.

Consistent –Recognizes that routine is related to success and that showing up is half the battle.

Flexibility – Openness – Willingness– Has a can do attitude with an open mind and spirit to experiment with the “known” way of doing business and explore other tools for the engagement process.

Strong Oral and Written Skills– Has a strong understanding of modern day communication styles but executes a level of professionalism when knowing the different audiences one must communicate with.

Small Setting Thriver - Excels in a small environment setting. Feels comfortable in both working directly with CEO, contractors, interns and independently when needed.

Committed - Understands that his/her role is an important and significant one in the functionality of the business and day to day work. Honors that by understanding that fulfilling work is not always easy work!

We value teamwork, hard work, your creative process, and the quest to push boundaries. Let us get to know you by sending your resume and any relevant creative work or samples to