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Steph Is Really Into Using This Lavender Highlighter as an Eye Shadow

It's spring-y, versatile — and only $15.
& Other Stories Lilac Motion Crème Highlighter, $15, available here.

& Other Stories Lilac Motion Crème Highlighter, $15, available here.

I've been drawn to many things in the lavender/lilac color family lately, but I hadn't really found a way to satisfyingly incorporate the spring-y hue into my admittedly minimalist, no-makeup makeup routine. That is, until I was sent this cream highlighter from & Other Stories in a recent press mailing. 

While it's very pretty as a highlighter dabbed on the cheekbones, orbital bones or clavicle, I've been partial to wearing the faintly iridescent pigment as an eye shadow. Mostly, I've been layering it over a base of my favorite Supergoop Shimmershade, concentrating it only on the lid (and not blending it up past the crease) for a faint flash of pearlescent purple that's very subtle, in keeping with my less-is-more makeup tendencies. But I could also see it working well over a matte purple or blue shadow to lend a bit of gleam, if that's more your style.

The base, a blend of beeswax spiked with shea butter, is blendable and smooth, meaning that it might not be ideal for super-oily eyelids, but it gives that great, sheen-y finish you want in a highlighter or if you're trying to emulate the glossy lid effect (though it's subtler than using a product with an actual glossy finish). I just smudge it on with my finger, and I've found that method to be pretty foolproof — though maybe one of these days I'll get a little crazy and try to be more precise about painting it on with a brush for a more intensely pigmented effect. Maybe.

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& Other Stories Lilac Motion Crème Highlighter, $15, available here.

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