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The Ethically Made Bike Shorts Whitney Will Wear All Summer

If you're going to buy into a trend, it's worth supporting a sustainable company along the way.
Boody Active Mid-Rise 2" Short, $48, available here.

Boody Active Mid-Rise 2" Short, $48, available here.

As uneasy as I am with the speed of our trend cycles and with trends in general — I feel like they convince us to buy way more stuff than we actually need — the bike short's rise has been a positive one, in my book. A dancer friend of mine in undergrad often wore bike shorts under very short dresses so that she could feel free to move her body fully and freely whenever she wanted and I've had positive associations with them since then. And yet somehow, despite those positive associations and despite the fact that they've been all over runways and street style galleries for a good number of seasons now, I still don't own any I really like.

That's why I'm currently eyeing these ones from Boody, a company that produces in sustainable factories that are fair-trade certified from natural sources like bamboo. I don't imagine wearing them with blazers and fanny packs like so many of the street style set have, but I do love the idea of wearing them even when I'm not working out — maybe under an oversize tie-dyed T-shirt, like my skater chick friend does, or just barely peeking out under minidresses, like my dancing pal. Either way, the very thought of them is getting me excited for true summer warmth.

Boody Active Mid-Rise 2" Short, $48, available here.

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