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We Are Living in a Golden Age of Hair Accessories and Tyler Could Not Be More Delighted

Not since the days of Blair Waldorf has accessorizing your hair been so important.
Dannijo Pia Comb, $120, available here.

Dannijo Pia Comb, $120, available here.

If the most recent fashion month has proven anything, it's that the humble hair accessory has made a comeback in a major way. From headbands to barrettes to hair slides, if you can put it in your hair, you gotta have it. 

One particular style that is still lagging in availability, though, is the hair comb. Once a mainstay in your grandmother's hairstyling kit, the comb has all but disappeared from the hair accessory radar. I'm not sure why, though! When used properly, these babies can keep your hair in place better than any clip could, and it adds an instant fanciness to just about any updo. 

Thankfully, more are starting to pop up, like this rainbow crystal version from Dannijo. The only problem? It's on pre-order, and I'm going to have to wait until late summer to get my hands on it. Luckily, I'm a patient person.

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Dannijo Pia Comb, $120, available here.

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